Monday, September 17, 2007

8 things about me......

A dear friend of mine set me up with a blog page several weeks ago and I'm finding that a blog page for me is like excercise and books - I really want to do it but if often gets put on the back burner. I'm sure I'll get on a kick some day and write alot but rest assured I will probally not be finishing that novel by my bed or using that exercise equipment I assured my husband I will use on a weekly basis if we bought it.

So here is goes, 8 things about me...
1. I love to sing in the shower
2. I love eating chocolate while watching a chic flic
3. I am a really bad speller and depend on computers or my husband to find my mistakes
4. I've been writing a book for over a year and I'm only on page 15 ( i blame blogging, exercising and book reading)
5. I too am in a hip hop dance class
6. I've been married almost 9 years to a sweetheart and I've been in love with him for 12 years.
7. I'm going to see niagra falls for the first time in october as well as see my husband run in his 3rd marathon - both the falls and the run-AMAZING
8. I can blog and pretend with my 3 yr old to be a dinasour all at the same time ( I think my son would like some attention now- I'll blog again????????some time)


sarah b said...

1. I'm impressed that you've written 15 pages of a book and I wonder what it is about...
2. I love eating chocolate while watching chic flicks, too!
3. Happy blogging, Malissa! said...

good job dinosaur mom!
i like your list ... you make me laugh! and am glad i get to hip hip hop along with you!