Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Collin starts Kleinkinderbeschaftigungsanstalt

If you can pronounce that I am impressed... the name means "small-child-keep-busy institute." Thank goodness for Friedrich Frobel who created such a word (or place) 175 years ago. Before then children under the age of 7 went to basically day cares and the troublemakers went to a detention institute. At age 7 children started school with the big kids and basically sat on hard benches and listened to lectures. Frobel, a child of the Romantic Era, broke the mold and added to an approach called "natural education" seeing children as seeds in a garden needing to be cultivated. Later while hiking in the mountains he hit on a much catchier name... Kindergarten ("children's garden").

So here is our little seed Collin on his way to be cultivated.