Monday, April 28, 2008

Good bye snow.

The boys got to enjoy the last snow on sleds and it was a blast. One of our neighbors gave us a sled that looks like a storybook sled... wood with red rails. I am glad to be Jayne the photographers friend because I would not have brought a camera to captured the fun it truly was.

I think Dave and I are raising a future xgame contestant because Collin was fearless the entire time. Tommy and Lou brought a saucer to slide on and that was Collins preference because he could dodge trees and make up heavy metal music chants down the hills to increase his thrill rides. Clay preferred the storybook sled that went down straight and easy (Dave went with the boys and I a few days later and showed us that we could actually steer/turn the sled - oh well).

New baby and Nine years

February had its ups and downs but one thing to celebrate for certain is our new niece Maggie. I took the boys and made a road trip with my parents to meet this sweet little girl. The boys were excited to see their cousins and had a blast playing with them. One of the highlights for Collin was going to a train museum in the historic train town (Altoona, PA )Jamie and Angie are living in right now. As you can see it was not the highlight for Clay... he slept the whole time.

Dave and I celebrated nine years of marriage at home and sick. The details are not really worth recording but... it is nine years and that is something.

It's All a Blurrrr

I really can't remember January at all. I am assuming that it was cold so we just watched a lot of movies therefore damaging brain cells that would help me recall the events of the month. I do remember yelling happy new year with the Replogle's, Joel's toast and the passionate kiss from my husband ( he is still a fantastic kisser after 10 years of happy new year kisses)!!!!!

Happy Birthday Jesus????

I know this is April but I am determined to get caught up on recording our memories so... here is what I have to say about December. We held our annual Christmas Caroling party which is one of my favorite traditions we have started. Several of our friends except (Neil and Jayne because they were soooooo busy...just kidding hehe) joined us in going around to friends and elders in our neighborhood with the wonderful and loved Christmas songs. This year was particularly special because Collin knew a lot of the songs and sang his little heart out with a great big smile.

I must note Christmas as well. The prized toys were Transformers for Collin, Lightning McQueen for Clay and a "cooler" cell phone for Alexis. Since I am commenting on Christmas 4 months later I can say that the Transformers are still a hit for Collin but Lightning McQueen wins the cherished Christmas present prize. Clay slept with it, put it in his pocket any time we left the house, pretended constantly with it and he shared his secrets with it (I overheard him whispering to Lightning McQueen "I just went peed in my underwear")... and now he is gone. Because of the pocket travels he was left at the Library never to be seen again. Alexis already wants a cooler cell phone... a "slider" she say's.