Tuesday, November 3, 2009

2009 -condensed

Well... here it is almost a year later. I almost skipped blogging this year completely because it has been a rough one but looking back at all the ups and downs and pains and joys that filled our days there is much to be thankful for. Because I wanted this blog to help me capture memories I will start at the beginning...
we had lots of fun in the snow... but by far my favorite memory of January was getting to see my sweet niece Maggie take her first steps in my house:)
February Dave and I celebrated our 10th year anniversary this month and we would both say openly that is was not ideal. This was a very rough year for us but I will say this... we shared a long warm hug on our anniversary that was better than any cruise, flower, jewelry or dinner put together. I love you Dave!

Clayton has a song and Collin has a story (coming later) that that they would like to share with the world this month as well...

March Patience.............................................. that is the main thing I remember about this month. Dave also turned 35 and now has a tatoo over his heart that reads to love and be loved

April This month belongs to Alexis! She entered the "teens" on April 1st and it was fun to celebrate her!

May ...Last Day of School... First Day of Pool!!! (chant taught to the boys from david replogle). We did get a pool pass for the summer and it was a blast!!! But May is for Marathon because (drum roll please)..... I ran my first half marathon!!!! Thats right. 13.1 miles. Dave was my biggest support and was beside me cheering all the way. He even let me beat him:) This is us just about to cross the finish line:)

June we celebrated Collin this month. He turned 7 and video games came into our lives here. They are even playing now as I type (how else can I get a chunk of time like this to blog...kidding....kindof) It has been fun but they will say that a half an hour goes by way tooooooo fast:).

July this month was fabulous for many reasons but just to state a few...
my birthday dance party!!!!

Daves sets a personal record time in his marathon run!!!!!

Family vacation in MI!!!!!

August No more sleepin in...
its time for school to begin...
the boys both learned how to dive...
and Clayton now turns five:)

September I love the fall!!! I took on the challenge this month to actually learn the sport of football. I've heard it said that if you learn the fundamentals of the game its actually more fun to watch. I've learned about myself that I am a hands on learner so with the help of lots of friends and even their kiddos I played football. My one shining moment was when I played the position as quarterback and I made a pass to my friend Andrea for a completion (it was even a blitz and I performed with success under pressure:)

Fall also started cub scouts for Collin . Not to sure about it myself but its been a good bonding time for dad and son. These pictures are at the camping trip where Collin made a rocket and blasted it off. Collin and Dave stayed overnight in a tent and the first frost came that night... brrrrrr. Come to find out... that is badge worthy in cub scouts so Collin got is second badge called "the polar bear badge."

smell that powder ...lots o rockets... 3 2 1 Blastoff!!!!