Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Remember November

Well, this is my attempt to keep up with our memories. I know that Thanksgiving happened this month so I will start there. The morning started off with Collin walking out of his room with his pre-school made pilgram hat on. His desire was to find matching attire before we left for Grandma and Grandpas Stults' house. It was a challenge but we found some clothes to satisfied Collin enough to move on with the Day (we really had to convince him that pilgrams kind of had pants like jeans).

My mom had asked me to find a story book of Squanto to share with the children that evening after dinner. I searched our library the night before Thankgiving and only found a rather lengthly childrens story book. I started to glance at it and could not put it down... I ended up reading all 115 pages in one sitting. Because the story was so fresh in my mind I shared the story of Squanto with the whole family. It was fun to share such a great part of our history and how God used such a small child to save the lives of our ancestors. I hope to keep the tradition of reading this story each year to our children.