Wednesday, May 28, 2008

May is for Growing

I have to start with this boy because today for the first time he rode his bike all by himself. As I have mentioned before, Collin likes thrill so of course after only 10 min of just learning how to stay balanced the boy slams on his brakes to make the bike fish tale... you should have seen his grin. I asked him a little later what he would like to work on expecting an answer like keeping my balance or learning how to turn, but his answer was simply... "I would like to work on jumps" x-games here we come.

Collin graduated Pre-school this month as well. When we got to the parking lot of the church for his little ceremony I started to cry. Collin assured me with these words "Don't worry mom, I'm still a kid" and then he hugged me. I'll post some pics soon but in the meantime check out Jaynes blog for a story about Collin and his first girlfriend at the graduation.

Good bye diapers!!! Dave threw the last one away so for the last 5 nights this little guy has slept with his new spidy underwear and is waking up nice and dry. YEAH
Today he learned how to swing by himself chanting what Mrs. Replogle taught him "Reach for the sky Cwayton and pull it down" He still prefers mommy to push him though because I take him closer to the sky.

Hello Junior High... Alexis is officially now in the 7th grade. Because of a recent move she actually transferred schools before the end of the year but she has already made new friends and is excited about the upcoming year. She loves her new room and the view out her window of the neighborhood.