Sunday, July 20, 2008

Home from Tennesee

Even though it took some trials getting there we made it. Dave and I and some other family members headed to TN to celebrate mom and dad Garrison's 50th wedding Anniversary. After our Van broke down and catching rides with other family members and then getting lost we finally made it to the celebration. Much like most lasting marriages it takes those trials on the road of marriage to really deepen in love and commitment. This is an exert of the card Dave gave to mom and dad:
Most of all I witnessed two people committed to one another and sticking together no matter how mad you were at each other and no matter what issues came up. This has caused me to view my own marriage with a perspective that many people my age don't have and it has helped me more than you could know. Within your fifty years together know that you have "given" more and "taught" more by your commitment to each other and your "long-suffering" with me than Malissa and our family probably have yet to realize. Thanks for what you have given us. We look forward to our 50th year together.
We love you! - Dave and Family
Tonight at church I was reminded how God's glory is revealed in nature. I was able to capture some of God's glory on a hike in TN with Dave and 7 children. My dear friend Jayne was gracious enough to let me borrow one of her cameras, it was not the mother camera, but it was amazing still. Here are a few that I am proud of.