Monday, December 3, 2007

Three months of life...

Well, like I said before, "I'll get back to blogging...sometime" so here I am three months later.


First with fall and all the harvest activities we participate in. We started off the season with a trip to the pumpkin patch and apple orchard that has become an annual event with my friend Jayne and her boys. On the way I heard some interesting news from my five year old and his friend Tommy. Here's the scoop, Tommy (4) and Collin (5) were carrying on a conversation about girlfriends. I heard Tommy say that they were not old enough to have girlfriends and Collin fought the opposite opinion. I asked what they were talking about and they said in unison "girlfriends". I asked if someone in pre school had a girlfriend and Tommy said "well...Collin does". I looked at Collin who was blushing and he said, "her name is Gwendolyn". After a few more discussions I learned that to Collin a girlfriend is a girl who is a friend and he has 5 of them.

Dave ran his 3rd marathon this month making an all time record for himself of 3 hrs and 35 min. His next goal is to qualify for the Boston marathon. This marathon was in Canada and we had a great time hanging out with friends. Here is some of the things I learned about our group:
Carl is really proud of his clear pee
Ben never "needs" a map
Jeremy just laughs
Linda does not know how to open a door
Beth can't hold her pasta
Carolyn is supportive of Carl and his clear pee
Dave is really a super hero
And I like to see things bigger than they are (thats for Jeremy and Linda - let me know if you get it)

We ended the trip by visiting Niagra fall with the Hunts. Gods creation once again proven magnificant.

We ended our October fun trick or treating with our friends the Pittman's. Their two girls Ella (1) and Analiese (3) joined our boys by entering the world of Neverland for Halloween. Collin dressed as Peter Pan, Clayton was Captain Hook, Analiese was Tinkerbell of course and Ella was the ferocious Crocodile ( she is quite scary don't you think). They were adorable and had a lot of fun!!