Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Collin starts Kleinkinderbeschaftigungsanstalt

If you can pronounce that I am impressed... the name means "small-child-keep-busy institute." Thank goodness for Friedrich Frobel who created such a word (or place) 175 years ago. Before then children under the age of 7 went to basically day cares and the troublemakers went to a detention institute. At age 7 children started school with the big kids and basically sat on hard benches and listened to lectures. Frobel, a child of the Romantic Era, broke the mold and added to an approach called "natural education" seeing children as seeds in a garden needing to be cultivated. Later while hiking in the mountains he hit on a much catchier name... Kindergarten ("children's garden").

So here is our little seed Collin on his way to be cultivated.

4 comments: said...

first of all ... you took pictures???? yay!!

second of all ... thanks for the education history!

thirdly, what a big guy!! go incredible hulk!

fourthly, i ditto your comment!

Susie said...

Kindergarten already?!?!

What happened to the baby that I used to watch????

Stan, Laura, Analiese & Ella said...

Boo hoo... as a mama, I feel a mixture of delight and dread when I see "first school" pictures. Analiese asked yesterday, "Is Collin 5 or 6?" I told her that he was 6, and she said, "Oh. He doesn't look six." OK. Whatever that means!

Jan said...

Collin you look so big and grown up going to school. Codie would love to visit with you. Clay I hope you are having fun Aunt Jan